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Collection Sale

My father, Don Bennett, founder of Don's Model Works, had a huge collection of model aircraft kits that are not included in our regular inventory. These were kits that he bought for reference or inspiration or just because he liked that particular aircraft. Now that Dad is gone, I will be selling these kits, but I do not have time to photograph and weigh and write descriptions of all of them as would be needed to add them to our regular inventory database. Instead I will be listing them on this page.

Kit List: I have not counted the collection kits yet, but by rough eyeball estimate there must be at least 1000 of them, probably more. I will be listing them on this page as I find time to go through the shelves and see what is there. If you would like to receive notice when I add more kits to this list, please email me.

Finding Particular Kits: This list will not be searchable through our inventory system, so I have two suggestions if you are looking for particular aircraft: (1) your browser should have a "Find on this Page" search function; in mine it is found under the Edit menu or by pressing Ctrl+F; or (2) you can email me and ask if I have any kits of a particular aircraft, and I will check the list and also look over the shelves to see if I can find any.

Prices: I have Dad's records of what he paid for most of these kits, and I can also check eBay to see if any similar kit is listed and for how much, but what I lack is time to do all of that for every kit on this list. Instead I am going to rely on customers who are interested in particular kits to tell me what they think is fair to pay for them.

How to Order: If you find kits that you want to buy, email me with a list of the kits that you want, including the prices that you are willing to pay for each kit (please include your shipping address so that I can estimate shipping costs). If I agree with your suggested prices, I will email back with an estimate of shipping costs, and if you agree with that, we will have a deal. If I do not agree with the suggested prices, I will email back with a counter-offer, and we can discuss the matter until we reach agreement or decide that no agreement is likely.

Condition: Some of these kits are new and still in shrink wrap. Some of them Dad bought new, opened them once to look at, and then put on the shelf. Some of them appear to have been through a series of prior owners before Dad bought them and are somewhat worse for the wear. I cannot verify condition on all of these kits, so all sales of these collection kits are strictly "as is" with no warranty of any kind. If you would like me to send you a photo of a particular kit so that you can assess for yourself its apparent condition, just ask.

Collection Kit List

Updated 3/28/2012: 151 more kits listed; 49 kits deleted as sold; total now 436. Still only the beginning; I've revised my earlier estimate and now expect there will be more than 2000 kits by the time I finish listing them all. I will be listing more this weekend. If you would like to receive notice when I add more kits to this list, please email me.

For you data-junkies (like me) who like to be able to sort and search more freely,
Click here to download the current list as an Excel XLS spreadsheet file.
(Right-click and choose "Save Target As" to download to your computer.)

1:??Convair R3Y-2 TradewindRevell (#H-238) original box shrink-wrapped, no scale marked on box
1:??Mercury Capsule Friendship 7 with Atlas Booster and Launch TowerRevell (#85-1833) - original box - no scale listed on box or plans
1:??North American B-25 MitchellGuillow (#805) - original box - balsa - no scale shown
1:??Northrop A-9AAttic Aircraft bagged resin kit + decal + photos
1:??Piper Tri-Pacer Sport PlaneMonogram (#0025) original box shrink-wrapped, no scale visible
1:??Sopwith Camel of William BarkerRevell (#H-291) original box, no scale marked on box, wingspan is 12-1/4"
1:??X-13 VertiJet, Built & Painted Modelno indication of builder or manufacturer
1:4AIM 9 Sidewinder Flying Model RocketEstes Beta (#2125) original box
1:6Explorer I SatelliteGlencoe (#05901) - original box (yes, that is 1:6 scale)
1:24Tomahawk Cruise MissileViking Models (#VK-5501) original box, resin kit, 1:24 scale
1:25John Deere 4430 TractorERTL (#8005)
1:32A-7E CorsairI.D. Models, bagged vacuform
1:32AH-1 Huey Cobra Vietnam Assault HelicopterRevell (#4442) original box
1:32AH-64 Apache Attack HelicopterRevell (#4575) original box shrink-wrapped
1:32B-25 H/J PanchitoMarco's Miniatures (#AC3504) original box
1:32B40E Flying TigerRevell (#4400) original box
1:32Beech King Air F90-1Just Plane Madness, original box
1:32Bell Jet Ranger helicopterRevell (#4232) original box shrink-wrapped
1:32Bell X-1Revell (#4565) original box shrink-wrapped
1:32Bell X-1Revell (#4565) original box
1:32Boeing B-17E/F/GCombat Models (#32-061) vacuform + resin + metal
1:32Boeing P-26A PeashooterHasegawa, original box
1:32Brewster F2A-3Combat Models, bagged vacuform
1:32Bristol BeaufighterRevell (#4660) original box shrink-wrapped
1:32Chance Vought F7U-3 CutlassI.D. Models (UK) bagged vacuform
1:32Chinook CH-47CCombat Models, bagged vacuform
1:32Curtiss BF 2C-1Hasegawa (#JS-064) original box
1:32Curtiss P-6E HawkCombat Models, bagged vacuform + metal
1:32DeHavilland Mosquito Mk IV BomberRevell-Lodela (#RH-0180) original box
1:32DeWoitine D.520C.1Azur (#A040) original box
1:32Do-335Combat Models vacuform
1:32Douglas F3D SkyKnightI.D. Models (UK) bagged vacuform
1:32Douglas PK-503 Dauntless SBD-5Matchbox/Maquette - original box
1:32E2C HawkeyeID Models/Lone Wolf, bagged vacuform
1:32F-100DCombat Models (#32-037), bagged vacuform
1:32F-117A Stealth FighterTestors (#7570) original box
1:32F-16A Fighting FalconHasegawa (#1202) original box
1:32F4B-4 USN Biplane BomberHasegawa, original box
1:32F-4E Phantom Mig-KillerRevell-Monogram (#4668) original box
1:32F-51D MustangMonogram (#PA77) original box
1:32GeeBee Air RacerLindberg (#70561) original box
1:32Grumman F3F-3Revell-Monogram (#5835) original box
1:32Grumman F3F-3 BiplaneMonogram (#6851) original box shrink-wrapped
1:32Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat (folding wings)Revell (#H-299) original box
1:32Grumman F6F-3/5 HellcatHasegawa (#JS-081) original box shrink-wrapped
1:32Grumman GulfhawkMonogram (#6053) Heritage Edition, original box
1:32Grumman TBM-3 (Partially Built)Scratchbuilders resin kit, original box
1:32Hawker Hunter FGA 9Revell-Monogram (#4670) original box shrink-wrapped
1:32He-219Combat Models vacuform
1:32Heinkel He-111I.D. Models, bagged vacuform
1:32Ho-229Combat Models vacuform
1:32Huey UH-1D Gunship HelicopterRevell (#4421) original box, shrink-wrapped
1:32Hurricane Mk IicRevell Monogram original box shrink-wrapped
1:32I-16 Rata Type 10Scratchbuilders resin kit
1:32Japanese Navy Type 93 Advanced TrainerNitto Kagaku (#391-800) - original box
1:32Kaman H-43B Huskie Rescue HelicopterTestors (#7206) original box
1:32Kawanishi N1K2-J Shidenkai GeorgeDoyusha (#32-GEO-3500) original box
1:32Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien TonyRevell (#H-276) - original box
1:32Lockheed P-38J LightningRevell (#4774) original box shrink-wrapped
1:32Martin AM-1 MaulerCombat Models vacuform
1:32McDonnell F2H-2 BansheeI.D. Models, bagged vacuform
1:32McDonnell XP-67Combat Models, bagged vacuform + metal
1:32Messerschmitt Me-262AHasegawa original box
1:32Messerschmitt Me-410Scratchbuilders, original box, resin kit
1:32Mig-15 bis Fighter PLAAFTrumpeter, original box shrink-wrapped
1:32Mig-15bis Korea/SuezHobbycraft (#HC1690) original box
1:32Mig-17F F-5Trumpeter (#02205) original box shrink-wrapped
1:32Mig-19S Farmer CTrumpeter original box shrink-wrapped
1:32Mig-21 SPS/MF FishbedRevell (#04719) original box
1:32Mig-29 FulcrumRevell (#04707) original box
1:32Mirage 5J IsraeliRevell (#H-155) original box
1:32Mitsubishi A6 M5 Zero-SenRevell (#04717) - original box
1:32Mitsubishi J2M3 RaidenRevell (#H-288) - original box
1:32Morane Saulnier MS 406C.1Azur (#AB3201) - original box
1:32Mustang III RAFRevell (#H-152) original box
1:32Nakajima Army Type 2 TojoScratchbuilders resin kit, original box
1:32Nakajima Ki-43 II Hayabusa OscarRevell (#H-264) original box
1:32Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate FrankTOMY (#HP-1-1100) - original box
1:32Nike MissileRenwal Blueprint Models (#550) - original box
1:32North American P-51B MustangRevell (#H-295) original box
1:32North American T-28C TrojanCollect-Aire (#3204) original box
1:32P-12E BiplaneHasegawa, original box shrink-wrapped
1:32P-39 AiracobraScratchbuilders (#93003) original box, resin kit
1:32P-39Q AiracobraCombat Models, bagged vacuform
1:32Pitts S-1DAeroclub, original box, vacuform + metal
1:32Regia Aeronautica Macchi C.200 V11Pacific Coast Models (#32001) - original box
1:32Republic F-84G ThunderjetI.D. Models (UK) Lone Wolf Productions bagged vacuform
1:32Republic P-47D RazorbackRevell (#4554) original box shrink-wrapped
1:32Republic P-47D ThunderboltRevell (#04722) original box
1:32SBC-3/4Combat Models (#32-090), bagged vacuform + metal
1:32Spitfire Mk VbHasegawa (#0852) original box
1:32Su-17M3Armada Limited Edition Resin Model (#21) - resin kit - plans, drawings and photos on CD included - Russian language
1:32Su-22m4Armada Limited Edition Resin Model - resin kit - plans, drawings and photos on CD included - Russian language
1:32Sukhoi Su-27 FlankerI.D. Models (UK) bagged vacuform, scale estimated, not marked
1:32Sukhoi Su-27B Flanker-CTrumpeter, original box
1:32Supermarine Spitfire Mk I/IIRevell (#5516) original box shrink-wrapped
1:32Vought F4U-1D CorsairRevell (#04781) original box
1:32Vought OS2U KingfisherCombat Models (#32-068), bagged vacuform
1:32X-1E Conversion Kit (converts X-1 to X-1E)Cutting Edge Modelworks (#CEC32116) - original box - resin
1:40Aerial Missile HelicopterLifelike Hobby (#09654) original box shrink-wrapped
1:40Aerojet General Aerobee-HiRevell (#H-1814) - original box
1:40Bell X-5Revell History Makers Limited (#8619)
1:40Corporal Missile with Launch TruckRevell History Makers (#8649) original box
1:40Hawk Missile Battery with Radar Unit and Two Mobile LaunchersLifeLike Hobby (#09661) original box
1:40Honest John Missile with LauncherLifeLike Hobby (#09656) original box shrink-wrapped
1:40LaCrosse Missile with Mobile Launcher TruckRevell (#H-1816) original box shrink-wrapped
1:40Nike Hercules MissileRevell (#8613) History Makers - original box
1:40Tactical Missiles Set (Little John & Dart)Revell (#H1812) - original box
1:40Talos Anti-Aircraft MissileRevell (#H1808) - original box
1:48Apollo First Lunar LandingMonogram (#5081) - original box
1:48Avia C-2 Arado Ar-96BHi-Kit Models (Czech) (#C-401) - original box
1:48B-1B BomberRevell-Monogram (#85-4900) original box shrink-wrapped
1:48B-24D LiberatorMonogram Classics original box
1:48B-47cast resin kit, no plans or decals or indication of mfr
1:48B-47Sanger bagged vacuform
1:48B-58 HustlerMonogram (#5704) silver injection-molded, original box
1:48BAC TSR-2 Tactical Strike & ReconnaissanceDynavector (UK) (#4809) original box, vacuform + metal
1:48Bachem Ba349A ViperVP Canada (#20) bagged vacuform
1:48Beechcraft AT-11White Eagle (#121) bagged, vacuform + metal
1:48Bell 47 SiouxEsoteric Models (#HTK-01), resin + metal + photo-etched details
1:48Bell AH-1G Huey CobraFujimi (#FH-2-129) original box
1:48Bell X-1 MachbusterEduard (#8032) original box, resin kit, photo-etched detail cockpit
1:48Blohm & Voss BV-138 C-1MPM Hand-Made Limited, original box, resin kit, very detailed
1:48Blohm & Voss BV-155ARBA original box, resin + metal
1:48Chance-Vought Regulus II Guided MissileAurora (#132) - original box - no scale listed on box or plans - appears about 1:48 based on 13.5" length
1:48Commonwealth Ca-15 KangarooKiwi Resin Models, original box, resin +metal + decal
1:48Consolidated P-30Sierra Scale Models (#48-23) original box, vacuform + injection-molded details
1:48Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer (RY-3, B-24J, B-24D) Conversion KitCombat Models
1:48Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer Conversion KitKoster Aero Enterprises (#19), vacuform + resin + metal
1:48Convair XF-92A DartMicroscale Model Kits (#MS4-3) original box
1:48Curtiss AT-9 JeepCollect-Aire (#4871) - original box
1:48Curtiss-Wright CW-21BSierra Scale Models (#48-43) original box, vacuform + metal
1:48Curtiss-Wright SNC-1Sierra Models (#48-44) - original box
1:48D558-1 SkyStreakCollect-Aire (#4804) - original box
1:48D558-3 SkyFlashCollect-Aire (#4806) - original box
1:48Delta E Explorer 33Mach2 (#LO9) original box
1:48DHC-3 Otter U-1AHobbycraft (#HC1656)
1:48Dornier Do-24TFonderie Miniature (#6014) original box shrink-wrapped
1:48Dornier Do-24T Flying BoatMPM Hand Made Limited (#HML009) original box, resin + metal
1:48Douglas A2D-1 SkySharkDynavector (England) (#4806) - original box - vacuform + metal + resin + decals
1:48Douglas M-2 MailplaneAurora (#775) original box
1:48F-107Solid cast resin kit, No plansheet, No ID of Mfr
1:48F11F-1 TigerCollect-Aire (#4807) - original box
1:48F3D-2 SkyKnightCollect-Aire (#4828) - original box
1:48F-51H MustangCollect-Aire (#4839) - original box
1:48F6U-1 PirateCollect-Aire (#4809) - original box
1:48F7U-1 Cutlass (Blue Angels)Lindberg (#2331) original box
1:48F-84F ThunderstreakMonogram original box
1:48Fairey Gannet AS-1Dynavector (UK) original box, vacuform + metal
1:48Focke-Wulf FW-44 StieglitzUnique Master Models (Vojtech) original box, resin + metal
1:48Fokker E-V D-VIIIKoster Aero Enterprises (#7) vacuform + metal + photo-etched details + nice decal
1:48General Dynamics RB/WB 57FCollect-Aire (#4861) original box
1:48Gotha Go 229 A01Airmodel (#4801) - bagged - vacuform
1:48Grumman F7F TigerCatContrail Models (UK) bagged vacuform
1:48Grumman F9F PantherAMT (#T643) original box
1:48Hansa-Brandenburg C.1HR Model (#4808) original box, resin +metal
1:48He-100DMedallion Models (#MM29) original box, resin + metal
1:48Heinkel He-51VP Canada resin kit
1:48HL-10 Lifting BodyCollect-Aire (#4823) - original box
1:48Ilyushin IL-2 Stormovik (ski-equipped early version)Accurate Miniatures (#3409) original box shrink-wrapped
1:48Ilyushin IL-2 Stormovik (Ukrainian Front)Accurate Miniatures (#3408) original box shrink-wrapped
1:48Ilyushin IL-2m3 StormovikAccurate Miniatures (#3407) original box shrink-wrapped
1:48J1N Irving Gekko NightfighterRaccoon (#48-15) original box, resin kit, highly detailed
1:48Japanese Army Type 92 (Kawasaki KDA-5)Raccoon Models (Japan) (#48-18) original box, resin + metal
1:48Japanese Navy Type 90 (A2N1-2)Raccoon Models (Japan) (#48-19) original box, resin + metal
1:48JRM MarsCombat Models, bagged vacuform
1:48Kaman HOK-1Aurora (#505) original box, decal yellow & curled, otherwise parts look good
1:48Kawanishi H6K5 MavisCombat Models (#48-010) bagged vacuform
1:48Kawasaki Ki-48 LilySanger bagged vacuform + metal
1:48Ki-78 Ken-3Raccoon (#48-13) original box, resin kit, highly detailed
1:48Lockheed XFV-1 PogoMarco's Miniatures (#3502), resin kit, no plans, no decal, no certificate
1:48Lockheed XFV-1 PogoMarco's Miniatures (#3502), original box, resin kit, limited edition w certificate
1:48M2F2/3 Lifting BodyCollect-Aire (#4824) - original box
1:48Mace TM-76 Guided MissileAurora (#130) - original box
1:48MACE-TM-76 Guided MissileAurora (#130) original box
1:48Martin PBM-3D MarinerPend Oreille Models (#4840) original box, resin kit
1:48McDonnell F2H-2 BansheeHawk (#501) original box
1:48McDonnell F3H DemonGolden Wings Maintrack Models (England) - original box
1:48McDonnell XP-67 MoonBatCollect-Aire (#4863) - original box
1:48Minuteman Missilesolid cast (hard plastic or resin) - no box, no manufacturer ID
1:48Mitsubishi A7M1 Reppu SamFineMolds (#FB11) original box
1:48North American AJ-1/2/2P SavageCollect-Aire (#4826) - original box
1:48North American F-107ACollect-Aire (#4831) - original box
1:48North American FJ-1 FuryCzech Model, original box
1:48Northrop Snark MissileLindberg (#687) original box
1:48Northwestern P-51H MustangClassic Airframes (#426) - original box
1:48Petlyakov Pe-2 UTMPM (#48045) - original box
1:48Polikarpov PO-2Sierra Scale Models (#48-46) bagged vacuform
1:48Republic XF-84H ThunderscreechCollect-Aire (#4835) - original box
1:48Republic XP-47H Conversion Kit (fuselage)Airmodel (#4802) - bagged - vacuform
1:48S-2E TrackerCollect-Aire (#4852) - original box
1:48Scale Board SS-12 MissileArii (#A687) original box shrink-wrapped
1:48Scud-B R-17 MissileArii (#A688) original box shrink-wrapped
1:48Short Sunderland Mk III/Mk IV EchSinifer (France) (#SN48001) original box, very nice resin kit, lots of resin + metal details
1:48Sikorsky H-19 Rescue HelicopterRevell (#H-173) original box
1:48Sikorsky S-38 Flying TadpoleTom's Modelworks - original box - vacuform + resin + metal
1:48SM-75 Thor Missile PrototypeMach2 (#MC8002) - original box
1:48SO 4050 Vautour II AHi-Tech (#HT008) - original box
1:48Stinson L-5 SentinelSanger (UK) bagged vacuform
1:48Supermarine Scimitar F-1Dynavector (UK) (#4804) original box, vacuform + metal
1:48T-39A/D SabrelinerCollect-Aire (#4862) - original box
1:48TBD-1 DevastatorMonogram (#7575) - original box
1:48Tyrov Ta-1 Russian Fighter - Built Kit, Almost Complete (needs cockpit, props, landing gear)Eagle Night Vacuform (Mexico)
1:48V-1 (Fieseler Fi103)Tamiya (#48-52) original box shrink-wrapped
1:48Vanguard 3-Stage Missile with SatelliteRenwal Blueprint Models (#650) original box
1:48X-15-A2Collect-Aire (#4808) original box resin kit
1:48XF10F-1 JaguarCollect-Aire (#4829) - original box
1:48Yak-25 FlashlightVP Canada, vacuform + resin
1:48Yakovlev Yak-1bAccurate Miniatures, original box shrink-wrapped
1:68Chance-Vought Regulus II Guided MissileRevell (#8633) History Makers - original box - plan says 1:68 scale
1:68Chance-Vought Regulus II Guided MissileRevell (#8633) History Makers - original box - plan says 1:68 scale
1:72747-100/200Aircraft in Miniature Ltd (#TW05-001), vacuform + metal
1:72A6M2-N RufeLS (#104-100) original box
1:72Aichi D3A1 ValAirfix-72, original box shrink-wrapped
1:72Airbus A-31Aircraft in Miniature Limited (England) - bagged - vacuform + resin + metal + decals
1:72Avro VulcanAirfix (#09002) - original box
1:72B-47E StratojetHasegawa original box
1:72BAC Canberra B(1) Mk.8 or B(1) Mk.12FROG (#F203) original box
1:72BAe J 31 JetstreamKori Kit bagged vacuform
1:72Beech Aircraft Model 26 AT-10 WichitaExecuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72Beech Aircraft Model 28 XA-38 GrizzlyExecuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72Beech Model 26 AT-10 WichitaExecuform, bagged vacuform
1:72Beech StarshipSanger (UK) bagged vacuform + metal
1:72Beech T-34C Turbo Mentor Conversion Kit (converts T-34A to T-34C)Astra Scale Models (#72003) bagged vacuform
1:72Beechcraft AT-11 KansanPioneer2 Models (#4009) original box
1:72Beechcraft Starship 1 PrototypeExecuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72Beechcraft T-34C Turbo MentorSword (#KPS72007) original box
1:72Blackburn Skue Dive BomberNovo Airkits (#F162) original box
1:72Blohm & Voss BV-238 V1Airmodel (#AM298) bagged vacuform
1:72Boeing 247 AirlinerWilliams Brothers (#72-247) original box
1:72Boeing 707-347C Canadian ForcesProScale Models (#91-53)
1:72Boeing 737Monogram (#5416) - original box
1:72Boeing C-17 Globemaster IIICombat Models (#72-028) - vacuform
1:72Boeing KC-97G StratocruiserRAREplanes (UK) original box, vacuform + metal
1:72Boeing X-32 JSFItaleri (#1208) original box shrink-wrapped
1:72BP Barracudabagged vacuform + canopy - No plansheet, Mfr unknown
1:72C-133 Cargo MasterGene Hooker Models, vac + detail parts + info book + decal
1:72C-45 G/H ExpeditorHobbycraft (#HC1357) original box
1:72C-45 G/H ExpeditorHobbycraft (#HC1357) original box, shrink-wrapped
1:72C6N1 SaiunAoshima (#203) original box
1:72CH-37 MojaveAirmodel - bagged kit - vacuform - appears incomplete, fuselage only, no rotors or details
1:72Consolidated B-32 DominatorContrail Sutcliffe (UK) original box, vacuform + details
1:72Consolidated B-32 DominatorContrail Models Sutcliffe Productions (England) - original box - vacuform + details
1:72Consolidated P2Y-2Contrail, original box, vacuform
1:72Consolidated P-30/PB-2ALF Models (#7247) original box, resin kit
1:72Consolidated PB-2AExecuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72Consolidated PB2Y-2 CoronadoKora Models, original box, resin kit w resin + inj detail parts
1:72Convair B36D/RB36D/GRB36DContrail/Sutcliffe (UK) original box
1:72Convair R3Y-2 TradewindCombat Models vacuform
1:72Curtis Condor IIAircraft in Miniature Limited (England) - bagged - vacuform + resin + metal + decals
1:72Curtiss A-12 ShrikeRAREplanes (UK) bagged vacuform
1:72Curtiss A-12 ShrikeRAREplanes (UK) bagged vacuform
1:72Curtiss A-8 ShrikeRAREplanes (UK) bagged vacuform
1:72Curtiss AT-9 JeepPavla (#72013) original box
1:72Curtiss AT-9 JeepExecuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72Curtiss Model 76-D A-18Execuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72Curtiss O-52 OwlPavla (#72031) original box
1:72Curtiss XF15C-1 StingareeRVHP (#72111) original box, resin + metal
1:72Curtiss XP-31Execuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72Curtiss XP-87Execuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72DC-10-30Aircraft in Miniature Limited (England) (#TWO3-005) bagged vacuform
1:72Douglas B-23Combat Models vacuform + resin
1:72Douglas C-47Airfix-72, original box shrink-wrapped
1:72Douglas C-47 SkyTrainItaleri (#127) - original box
1:72Douglas DC-4Aeroscala Models - bagged - vacuform
1:72Douglas DC-4 Skymaster MerlinRarePlanes (England) - original box - vacuform
1:72Douglas DC-5Execuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72Douglas DC-5Execuform, bagged vacuform
1:72Douglas DC-7 Seven Seas NorthwestFormaplane (England) - original box - vacuform
1:72Douglas O-43 ObservationRAREplanes (UK) bagged vacuform
1:72Douglas O-46Execuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72Douglas XA2D-1 SkySharkAnigrand Craftworks (#AA-2048) original box, resin kit
1:72Douglas XB-42 MixmasterExecuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72Fairchild AT-21 GunnerExecuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72Fairchild AT-21 GunnerExecuform, bagged vacuform
1:72Fairchild M-62 PT-19/23/26Execuform, bagged vacuform
1:72Fairchild Model 91 AmphibianExecuform, bagged vacuform
1:72Focke-Wulf Ta-183 HuckebeinPM Models (#PM-213) original box
1:72Fokker D.VIRoden (#007) original box
1:72Fokker E.V/D.VIIIRoden (#004) original box
1:72Grumman AF-2S Killer AF-2W HunterRare Plane (UK) (#RP7001) original box
1:72Grumman F2F-1VP Canada (#21) - bagged - vacuform + resin
1:72Grumman GuardianEsoteric Models (#NAF-26) original box, vacuform + metal
1:72Grumman TBM-3 AvengerAirfix-72, original box shrink-wrapped
1:72Grumman XF-10F JaguarEsoteric (#NAF-32) original box, vacuform + metal
1:72Grumman XF-10F JaguarEsoteric (#NAF-32) original box, vacuform + metal
1:72H-34 Choctaw Helicopter USMC - completely built, painted, and detailed, very nice workManufacturer and builder unknown, scale estimated from 11" length
1:72Hansa-Brandenburg HB W-29Meikraft Models, bagged, injection-molded, nice decals
1:72Hiller UH-12Special Hobby (#SH72017), box damaged, parts/decal inside plastic bags look OK
1:72Hiller X-18 V/STOLAnigrand Craftworks (#AA-2011) original box, resin kit
1:72Howard DGA 15Execuform, bagged vacuform
1:72Hughes XF-11Execuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72Ilyushin Il-76 CandidSanger, original box, vacuform + metal
1:72Junkers Ju 488 V-401Antares Models (#ANT-7202) original box, resin + metal kit, very nice
1:72Junkers Ju-390Contrail Sutcliffe (UK) bagged vacuform
1:72Kawanishi Ki-78 KensanUnlimited Air Models (#KJ-1) original box, very nice inj-molded kit w metal + resin details and decal
1:72Kawanishi N1K1 GeorgeMPM (#72123) original box
1:72Kawanishi N1K2-J Shidenkai GeorgeHasegawa (#02506) original box shrink-wrapped
1:72Kawanishi Type 94-1 Alf E7K1 floatplaneHasegawa, original box shrink-wrapped
1:72Kawanishi Type 94-1 E7K1 ReconHasegawa (#JS-055) original box
1:72Kawasaki Ki-100 ArmyFujimi, original box shrink-wrapped
1:72Kawasaki Ki-45-KAI ToryuRevell (#H-104) original box
1:72Kawasaki Ki-64 RobMPM (#72119) original box
1:72KC-135 StratotankerR.D. Archer/Nova Models vacuform
1:72Ki-43 Hayabusa OscarFujimi, original box
1:72Ki-44 Shoki TojoFujimi, original box
1:72Kyushu K-11-W ShiragikuPavla (#72007) original box
1:72Lagg-3KPM (#2) bagged vacuform
1:72Lockheed C-130J HerculesTestors (#667) - original box
1:72Lockheed C-140 JetstarAirmodel - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72Lockheed C-5A/B GalaxyDelvac Models, vacuform + decal
1:72Lockheed Electra II L-188J&L Models, bagged vacuform
1:72Lockheed Martin X-35B JSFRevell (#04626) original box
1:72Lockheed P-2H (P2V-7) NeptuneHasegawa, original box
1:72Lockheed P3-C OrionHasegawa (#1147) original box
1:72Lockheed PV-1 GunshipMinicraft (#1678) original box
1:72Lockheed PV-1 GunshipMinicraft (#1678) original box
1:72Lockheed PV-1 VenturaRAREplanes bagged vacuform
1:72Lockheed PV-1 Ventura VegaMinicraft (#1677) original box
1:72Lockheed SR-71Revell (#H-212) original box
1:72Lockheed XP-58 Chain LightningExecuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72Martin AM-1 MaulerEsoteric Models (#NAF-33) original box, vacuform + metal
1:72Martin P6M-2 SeamasterAirmodel - bagged - vacuform
1:72Martin PBM MarinerRare Planes (UK) bagged vacuform + metal
1:72Martin PBM-3C/R/S/5 MarinerRAREplanes (UK) bagged vacuform + metal
1:72Martin RB-57D CanberraHigh Planes Models (#72039) original box
1:72Martin XB-51Execuform, bagged vacuform
1:72Martin XB-51Execuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72McDonnell-Douglas DC-9 Hughes AirwestAurora (#386) - original box
1:72Metal Props (2)Aeroclub Details (#P028), bagged metal detail parts, guessing at scale
1:72Metal Props (2)Aeroclub Details (#P007), bagged metal detail parts, guessing at scale
1:72Metal Props (2)Aeroclub Details (#P060), bagged metal detail parts, guessing at scale
1:72Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero Type 22Hasegawa, original box shrink-wrapped
1:72Mitsubishi F1M2RS Models resin kit, original box
1:72Mitsubishi G4M1 BettyHasegawa (#JS-069) original box
1:72Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden JackHasegawa (#02505) original box shrink-wrapped
1:72Mitsubishi Ki-21 SallyMPM (#72092) original box
1:72Mitsubishi Ki-46 DinahAirfix, original box
1:72Mitsubishi L3 M1 Type Nippon GoLS Models (#A503) original box
1:72Myasischev Mya-4/Mya-201M BisonContrail Models Sutcliffe Productions (England) - original box - vacuform + metal
1:72Nakajima B5N2 KateHasegawa, original box
1:72Nakajima J1N1-S GekkoRevell (#H-105) original box, instructions appear to be in Spanish or Portuguese
1:72Nakajima Ki-115Aviation Usk (#AV-1001) bagged, injection-molded
1:72Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate FrankFujimi, original box shrink-wrapped
1:72Nakajima Ki-87Pavla (#72002) original box
1:72North American B-45C TornadoAeroform (#72001) vacuform
1:72North American F-107A Ultra SabreTrumpeter (#01605) original box
1:72North American NA-63, NA-67, XB-28Execuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72North American O-47CzechMaster (#66) bagged cast resin
1:72North American O-47AAML (#72012) original box shrink-wrapped
1:72North American T-39 SabrelinerAirmodel - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72Northrop YB-49 Flying WingAMT-ERTL (#8619) original box
1:72Piper L-4HKopro, original box, box is water-damaged
1:72Piper L-4HKopro, original box, box is water-damaged
1:72Piper PA-18/L-18Airmodel (#34) - bagged - vacuform
1:72Pitcairn PCA-2LF Models (#7261) original box, resin kit
1:72Republic AT-12 GuardsmanRare Planes (UK) (#RP3008) original box, vacuform + metal
1:72Republic Lancer P-43ARAREplanes (UK) bagged vacuform
1:72Republic Lancer P-43ARAREplanes (UK) bagged vacuform
1:72Republic P-43A LancerPavla (#72026) original box
1:72Republic XF-12 RainbowGriffin (David Wegner) bagged vacuform, scale not marked, estimated from approx 15" fuselage
1:72Republic XF-84HExecuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72Republic XP-47HMPM (#72017) original box
1:72RF-84F ThunderflashItaleri (#108) original box
1:72Rikugun Ki-93A+V Models (#087) original box, resin kit
1:72Ryan ST/PT TrainerRAREplanes (UK) bagged vacuform
1:72Ryan XF2-R1 DarkShark UpgradedMPM (#72131) - original box shrink-wrapped
1:72Salmson 2A2CzechMaster (#12) bagged cast resin
1:72Seversky BT-8Execuform, bagged vacuform
1:72Seversky P-35RAREplanes (UK) bagged vacuform
1:72Sikorsky RS-1 (S-38)Esoteric - bagged kit - vacuform + metal
1:72Sikorsky RS-3 (S-38) Flying BoatEsoteric (#NAF-25) original box, vacuform + metal
1:72Space Shuttle w fuel tank and boostersMonogram (#5900) original box
1:72Spitfirebagged vacuform + canopy - No plansheet, Mfr unknown
1:72Stinson Model 108 VoyagerExecuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72Sukhoi Su-15VD Flagon-FNova Models, bagged vacuform
1:72Sukhoi Su-9VP Canada (#23) bagged vacuform
1:72Thomas-Morse S-4CWarbirds bagged vacuform
1:72Thomas-Morse S-4CWarbirds bagged vacuform
1:72Timm S-160-KExecuform, bagged vacuform
1:72Tupolev Tu-126 Moss Tu-114 CleatContrail Models Sutcliffe Productions (England) - original box - vacuform + details
1:72Tupolev Tu-20 BearContrail Models Sutcliffe Productions (England) - original box - vacuform + details
1:72Vega DL-1 Special Y1C-12 Metallic FuselageMPM (#72524) - original box shrink-wrapped
1:72Vultee B-13 ValiantPavla (#72028) original box
1:72Vultee V-1A with Flying Buffalo decalsExecuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform + resin engines
1:72Vultee XP-54 Swoose GooseExecuform Models - bagged kit - vacuform
1:72X-4 BantamMPM (#72093) original box
1:72Yak-38 ForgerRevell (#4072) original box
1:72Yasukuni Japanese Navy Torpedo BomberLS Models (#152) original box
1:72Yokosuki E14Y1 GlenRS Models resin kit, original box
1:72Zero-Sen Model 21 A6M1Fujimi, original box
1:72Zuiun Seaplane AM22E16A1Entex (#8493Z) original box
1:128Martin M-130 China ClipperMfr unknown, not original box, no plansheet - injection-molded parts with nice decals and clear plastic mount/stand - scale 1:128 estimated from wingspan 12.25" and fuselage 8.5"
1:144AJ-1 SavageCombat Models, original box, vacuform + resin
1:144Apollo Saturn VAirfix (#09170) original box
1:144B-307 C-75 StratolinerHerb Deeks Models
1:144BAe Jetstream 31Welsh Models (#SL33) original box
1:144BAe Jetstream 31Welsh Models (#SL33) original box
1:144Beech 99 USAirSasquatch Models (#SQ43) original box
1:144Boeing 707-120/720 (Low Rudder, JT3C engines)CBS Models, original box
1:144Boeing 707-120/720 (Short Rudder, JT3D engines)CBS Models, original box
1:144Boeing 707-120/720 (Tall Rudder, JT3Cengines)CBS Models, original box
1:144Boeing 707-120/720 (Tall Rudder, JT3D engines)CBS Models, original box
1:144Boeing 707-120/720 (Tall Rudder, JT3D engines)CBS Models, original box
1:144Boeing 727 American AirlinesCBS Models, original box
1:144Boeing 727 LufthansaAirfix, original box shrink-wrapped
1:144Boeing 727-200 PanAmAirfix, original box
1:144Boeing 737-200 Air FranceAirfix, original box
1:144Boeing 747-400 KLMRevell (#04222) original box shrink-wrapped
1:144Boeing 747-400 LufthansaRevell (#04219) original box
1:144Boeing B-377 Stratocruiser TransOceanMinicraft (#14460) original box shrink-wrapped
1:144C-32A USAFMinicraft (#14451) original box
1:144Dash 7 DeHavillandSasquatch Models (#SQ35) original box
1:144Dash 8-300Sasquatch Models (#SQ28) original box
1:144DeHavilland Canada Dash 8 USAirSasquatch Models (#SQ45) original box
1:144DHC-6 Twin Otter EvergreenSasquatch Models (#SQ??) original box
1:144Dornier 328-100 Horizon AirSasquatch Models (#SQ60) original box
1:144Douglas DC-9-30 KLM/IberiaAirfix, original box
1:144Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante United ExpressLeoman (#L8801) original box
1:144Fokker 100 DemonstratorRevell (#04200) original box
1:144Fokker 100 SwissAir/KLMRevell (#04258) original box
1:144Hawker-Sidley Trident 1C British AirwaysAirfix, original box
1:144K188NW Conversion FuselageAirliners America, original box, solid cast resin
1:144Lockheed C-5A GalaxyRevell, original box
1:144Martin JRM-1 MarsAir Craft Models (#416) - bagged kit - vacuform + metal + decal
1:144Martin M-130 China ClipperGlencoe (#05505)
1:144Martin M-130 China ClipperGlencoe, original box
1:144McDonnell-Douglas MD-80 TWAMinicraft (#14452) original box shrink-wrapped
1:144SAAB 340 BWelsh Models (#SL50) original box
1:144SAAB 340 BWelsh Models (#SL50) original box
1:144US & USSR Missile Display - 20 Missiles on Display BaseMonogram (#6019) - original box lid
1:144USAF C-32AMinicraft (#14451) original box
1:170Goodyear Blimp with light-up signboardRevell (#H-999) original box, no scale indicated on box - scale estimated from 13.5" length of kit
1:200Hughes HK-1 Hercules Spruce GooseMinicraft (#1607) original box
1:245Graf ZeppelinTestors Hawk (#301) original box, 38.5" long
1:400Soviet Submarine Fleet - three submarines: Type D, L & SEncore (#8001) original box


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